5 Proven Ways To Increase Your Google Ranking

Google Ranking

Increase Your Google Ranking well for relevant keywords is the job of a webmaster. Being ranked higher on Google will lead to more people finding your website. It’s easier than you might think. Start by adding your own keywords to Amazon’s search tool in the store. Or maybe you’re a small business that no one knows about, but when people search for a service, you come up near the Perhaps you’re trying to rank for a niche keyword you don’t really understand, or perhaps you just want to find out the best keywords for That’s where this post comes in. This guide will tell you how to get your rankings up quickly and effectively.

1. Optimize your site for mobile search

The new mobile-friendliness initiative at Google is part of the company’s efforts to make web pages better optimized for mobile. In June 2016, Google released new algorithm updates that began penalizing websites that weren’t mobile-friendly. A: When you first started writing on your blog, you were probably wondering how to get more views. It’s true. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly or penalizes itself because it isn’t mobile-friendly, then Google could start sending low rankings to your site, and even punish you with a penalty! This shift to mobile friendliness is a huge win for consumers, and the companies that miss the mark are risking losing out to those that optimize their sites for mobile searches.

2. Build backlinks to get top rankings

Google is becoming increasingly concerned about links coming from websites that are trying to pass themselves off as legitimate news sources. There are many ways to build backlinks to improve search rankings. The easiest is to post on authoritative sites. If you want the search engines to see your link as a quality link, it doesn’t matter what kind of site the link comes from.

3. Use Google My Business

The next step that helps you reach more people is to use Google My Business. If you own a business, chances are, you are already listed on Google My Business. This feature allows Google to place your business on the Google map. The good news is that if you already have a business listing there, then you should already have a phone number, address, website, and photos of your store. You just need to add your hours of operation and some description. If someone wants to find a local business near them, then they can see a map, the hours of operation, and a description of the business.

4. Write guest posts on relevant sites

As with other marketing tactics, guest posting is a two-way street. Your guest blogger should write about something relevant to the site he or she is posting on, but also something the site’s audience wants to read. Guest bloggers should not just use a link bait title and copywriter the article. Instead, they should provide useful information and offer an original take on the subject. Don’t just link to your own site; instead, link to useful resources, like the ones you recommend in your articles, or even just write about the industry you are in.

5. Create a local listing on Google

Search the location you’re searching for business to list and see who’s already listed in that area. This will help you determine whether there is a local market for your product, and if so, what kind of competition you’ll face. This is a really great site for finding local information on businesses like phone numbers, addresses, and more. You can also use it to compare prices between businesses.

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