How To Make Money Sending Emails, Step By Step

Make Money Sending Emails

The best way to Make Money Sending Emails is to learn how to write good emails. There are plenty of free training programs online to help you learn how to do this.


This is one of the easiest ways to make money online, I know some people that have made over $1000 per month by just sending emails! I am showing you how to make money by selling emails, which is very simple and you can even make money online with this program in no time, all you need is an email list to start with.

1. What Is Email Marketing?

Make Money Sending Emails

The concept of email marketing is straightforward. You contact people who have expressed interest in receiving information from you by sending emails that you create. To make your emails more appealing, send them to a list of subscribers that have opted in. This list of names is referred to as your database or subscriber list. To create a successful Amazon affiliate program, you must first create an Amazon affiliate list.

2. What Is Your Goal?

Make Money Sending Emails

When you set out to create an email marketing campaign, consider two main goals: To educate your subscribers and provide value. In addition to education and value, you also want to keep them engaged by sending content that’s relevant to them. Use data to inform your content selection and your frequency of emails. If you have a clear understanding of what your goals are, you can create better content.

3. Who Are Your Target Market?

Make Money Sending Emails

A company should always try to find the right markets. To make money they should have the right products or services for the right customer base. Buyer personas are common in the B2B space. They describe a group of buyers that share similar buying criteria and characteristics. A good example is a law firm, where a buyer persona looks like this: The best-selling law firms use a well-defined buyer persona to determine who they’re selling to. Once the market has been clearly defined, companies can more easily focus their efforts.

4. What Do You Want to Achieve?

Make Money Sending Emails

A common pitfall in marketing is thinking about a campaign and forgetting about why it was started in the first place. “We had a big budget and an audience of a million people,” said Siegel, “and we didn’t know what to do with them.” She recalls that after spending a year working on the campaign, she realized that she should have focused on what she wanted to achieve. That goal would help guide the entire project, including what type of content to produce.

5. What Is the Right Platform for Your Business?

Make Money Sending Emails

The right platform is a matter of both time and resources. If your business has the latter, your focus should be on the former, says Tracy. The key is to decide how much time and energy you can devote to growing your company’s online presence. Most businesses don’t have a lot of extra hours in their day. So they have to choose the platforms that they’re able to invest the most in.

6. How To Make Money Sending Emails, Step By Step

But in the past, email marketing was all about selling stuff. So, it’s a big improvement for email marketers to be selling stuff with emails now. This is why they are known as the most creative and well-researched marketing team. They published a study in 2004 that changed the game. The paper concluded that “the relationship between marketing and sales is based on a positive expectation of future demand.”

The implication of this research is that if you build an email campaign around future demand, and you create content that can position your brand positively, the chances of generating a response is significantly higher. And it’s not to say you don’t still need to follow the rules of copywriting and content marketing. A new approach means you can play around a little bit more.

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