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Jeff Bezos’s While some business magnates are content to pass their fortunes down to future generations, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made it clear that he has no plans to go anywhere. In fact, he’s started several new projects in recent years, including the Bezos Day One Fund, which provides grants and scholarships to organizations that help homeless families and create birth-control products for women. What are Jeff Bezos’s future projects? Here’s what you need to know.

Alexa Skills Kit

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Amazon has created a new product for developers that lets them integrate Alexa into their own connected devices. The device, called Echo, is shaped like a hockey puck and houses seven microphones in its small frame, with far-field voice recognition technology to hear you from across your home.

Amazon Go

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As revealed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Amazon has a new experimental checkout-free grocery store in Seattle, called Amazon Go. Amazon Go lets you pick up what you need and just walk out; no lines, no checkouts—just grab and go. For now, it’s only open to company employees; but if all goes well, it could roll out to cities around the country in coming years. – Jessica Floum for Fast Company

Autonomous Delivery Trucks

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It’s easy to imagine Amazon launching its own fleet of autonomous delivery trucks. The main selling point: zero human labor. In a recent earnings call, CEO Jeff Bezos told investors that he wanted to make his company the world’s most customer-centric company. An autonomous fleet would certainly be convenient for customers, but it would also shave millions of dollars off Amazon’s operating costs.

Untethered Drone Delivery

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Amazon has been developing technology that would allow its delivery drones to be able to drop packages without needing a human operator. The company filed for a patent in 2014 for an unmanned aerial vehicle delivery system that would do just that.

The Washington Post

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has plans to deliver packages via self-piloting drones. This year, he will begin test-flying a fleet of drones that would get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. The drones, which Amazon calls Prime Air, are capable of traveling 10 miles at up to 50 mph and can carry items weighing 5 pounds, or about two bags of coffee. Packages are dropped into an attached bin, which is built into a prototype drone that looks like an oversized model helicopter.

Foray into Artificial Intelligence

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The year is 2027. Amazon has just opened its first physical store, called Amazon Go. The public response to it is overwhelmingly positive, and it’s no surprise why: Shoppers can simply walk in off of a busy city street and pick up groceries without waiting in line for a cashier or swiping a credit card. Customers use an app on their phone that tracks what they take from shelves, automatically charging them when they leave.

Blue Origin

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Jeff Bezos’s private space company, Blue Origin, has been in operation since 2000. Although it’s only just getting into its stride now, Blue Origin is considered a leader in space technology. It recently announced plans to launch two paying customers on a trip around Earth aboard New Shepard next year.

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