Top Ten Military Powers in the World

Every year, governments throughout the world spend hundreds of billions of dollars developing the most modern training, technology, and equipment to stay on top of the ever-changing battlefields. Here’s the list of the top 10 Military Powers based on different scenarios.

Military Powers

#1-United States.

The US military has history dating back to 1775 when it first formed forces (Continental Army) to fight in the Revolutionary War. The US Army has been involved in every major world war as well as the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the Global War on Terrorism.

The defense budget for the United States is more than the combined totals of the previous nine countries coming in at over $689 billion. The US has just over 1.4 million active military members, another 1.4 million reserve members and 11,000 in its paramilitary. The US ranks second behind Russia in the total number of warheads, but it does have the largest number of active warheads. The United States leads in the overall aircraft and helicopters – 21,000 – but is just barely ahead of China with its total of tanks and armored vehicles. The United States also has an impressive 12 aircraft carriers in its fleet.


According to Global Firepower’s data, Russia possesses the most tanks in the world: 12,950, which is more than double the number of tanks the United States has. Nearly 1 million active people are in charge of commanding 27,038 armored vehicles, 6,083 units of self-propelled artillery, and 3,860 rocket projectors on land.

Russia’s air force consists of 873 fighter planes and 531 assault helicopters in the skies above. With 62 submarines and 48 mine warfare ships, they have a formidable arsenal in the sea. To put it another way, Russia’s military budget is expected to total $48 billion.


The unpredictable rising power in the East is the third strongest military power; it has not been involved in major armed conflicts in recent decades.

Naturally, a country of over 1.4 billion people has a strong military presence, with a current budget of $193 billion and 2,185 million fighting men and women.

China has 5,651 tanks, two aircraft carriers, 133 navy vessels, 12 nuclear submarines, 1,093 military aircraft and 290 nuclear weapons.


India has a more advanced Air Force and very-well trained Special Forces. They have four branches of military and also additional paramilitary units. Their active military India’s military has more than 1.3 million members. India has an additional 2.1 million in reserves and their paramilitary has 1.3 million members. In all, India has more than 4.7 million total members.

Despite their large number of service members, India’s aircraft and helicopter and tank and armored vehicle totals put them only in the center of the list of countries listed here and they do have the smallest naval craft fleet. Some estimates of nuclear warheads in India’s possession go as high as 80.

#5-United Kingdom.

British Forces include three branches of service, – the navy, the army and the air force. Below are some figures for the United Kingdom – the figures presented could vary slightly:

British HelicopterActive Military (including army, navy and air force) – 197,700
Reserve – 212,000
Paramilitary – 152,000
Aircraft and Helicopters – 1,800
Tanks and Armored Vehicles – 5,500
Despite having one of the smallest numbers of active military, the militaries of the United Kingdom are a sustainable force and their SAS is among the world’s top Special Forces. Britain is a steadfast ally of the U.S.


Despite its size, the French military is highly trained, professional, and capable of deploying large amounts of force. With the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and regular military deployments in Africa to support governments and combat terrorism, France is a major player in the field of military.


Another Mediterranean naval power, Italy has two aircraft carriers and 16 warships. Its military budget is $29.3 billion and has 165,500 servicemen, while in the air it flies 241 war-capable aircraft. Italy has not been involved in major conflicts since World War II, when as a fascist regime it had allied with the Third Reich.8-


In the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey’s military forces are one of the greatest. There are only five countries on Credit Suisse’s list with a greater number of submarines than Turkey. As a result, the country has an incredibly huge tank fleet and a large number of planes and attack helicopters. As a participant of the F-35 program, Turkey can’t be taken lightly than any other developing country. This is the list of the top 10 most powerful military in the world. The list is made using several parameters. Not only the military persons but technology and aircraft carriers play an important role in the military.


Pakistan is known for their good upper leadership. Founded in 1947, their three branches of service totals more than 600,000 people – all volunteers. They have close Pakistan Air craftier to the militaries of the US and China. Pakistan’s budget of over $5 billion is smaller than all the other top ten militaries, but it does exceed the overall defense budget of a number of other countries around the world. While Pakistan has about the same number of naval craft as the United Kingdom (see below), they have more aircraft and helicopters and an incredible total of 9,000 tanks and armored vehicles.

#10-South Korea.

South Korea has 600,000 people in its armed forces and a military budget of $40.4 billion. On the ground it employs 2,321 battle tanks and on the sea it boasts 35 naval vessels. Even though it neighbors with unpredictable North Korea, it has no nuclear weapons. It has an air force with 595 aircraft.