8 Perfect Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect For Everyone

Chrome Extensions are powerful and convenient tools that can make web surfing a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for some of the best, check out our list below.


Choom is a Chrome Extensions that helps you save time while browsing. With Choom, you can save time on the web by quickly tagging links that you want to bookmark and share with others later. This post contains 10 best Chrome Extensions for chrome that you should definitely try.

Checklists and to-do lists

When you have a list of items to do, you will feel more likely to complete them. So if you have a lot of items to do, you should always break down your tasks into smaller pieces, rather than trying to tackle it all at once. It’s always best to have a checklist or to-do list, because you will feel more motivated to do them once you’ve decided what to do next. It makes you feel like you’re making progress and accomplishing something, rather than just getting started. You can even break up larger tasks into smaller steps using this technique.

Email Templates

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I can’t stress enough how powerful a well-thought out email template can be. If you have a subject line that works, a body that makes the reader stop and think, and then a call to action that will make the reader actually take action, your emails will have a higher open rate and conversion rate than ever before. But don’t just start sending out emails and hoping for the best. Think about your audience and make sure the tone of your emails matches your company’s personality.

Online Forms

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Forms play an important role in ecommerce. They offer a fast and easy way to collect and store data about your visitors. Forms can be used to capture email addresses, opt-ins, demographic information, purchase history, and more. And since forms are a common tool, the design should appeal to your audience and make the form easy to read and use.

Chat Support

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Here are several reasons why you should consider having an internal chat support system. It’s better to chat with your team than to wait for them to come to you over email. It gives them a more personal connection to the brand, which increases sales. You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to use Skype for Business. You’ll also get immediate feedback on the spot, and a more conversational tone.

Social Marketing Tools

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According to the Harvard Business Review, the best social marketing tools provide consumers with a direct line into your business, which can build trust and credibility, provide valuable content, engage and entertain customers, and increase the odds that people will stay engaged with you. A great tool will help you get the word out about your brand and products. The more people you reach, the better your chances of success.

Social Sharing Tools

Social sharing tools are increasingly becoming a main part of online marketing strategies, and rightly so. They’re an essential tool for any digital marketer. So, how exactly should you incorporate them into your online marketing strategy? You can share any content you’re creating, as long as you’re sharing it through the social sharing network you chose to use.

Analytics Tools

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An analytics tool is essential for anyone who wants to keep track of how well their website performs, especially as they grow their business. Many online stores offer analytics software free of charge, and most of these include some basic statistics such as page views, average visit duration, page views per day, and so on. Google Analytics is by far the most popular solution; it offers a detailed dashboard and is easy to set up. Other popular analytics tools include Google Tag Manager, Crazy Egg, and Woori.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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CRO is an optimization strategy. This means that we’re thinking about how to improve our current performance. Here’s an example of how a company that sells clothing and accessories for babies and children is trying to stand out from other companies. It’s not enough to publish one blog post, you should publish a series of posts in which each post builds on the next.

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